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Panama is a fascinating place with a topography and geographic location that offers interesting options for everyone. There is something to satisfy the desires of every kind of visitor, from tropical jungles and beautiful beaches to beautiful mountains that provide an excellent haven of tranquility and rivers that offer an exhilarating experience white water rafting.Panama is a great destination for those who wish to observe closely wildlife and combined with the modernity of one of the most beautiful cities in the world natural habitats.

If you are the type of tourist who thinks that fun is always near the ocean, coastal areas have some of the best beaches in the world, with various attractions such as: fishing, diving, snorkeling and spectacular coral reefs full of colorful marine life.

City of Panama

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Panama City is an amazing city to visit. This place gives the visitor the opportunity to experience a spectacular cosmopolitan life, besides being the "shopper's paradise, where you can find a great variety of goods from around the world. For those who enjoy going out at night, Panama City offers a lively nightlife, presenting a wide range of sports bars, discos, pubs and casinos, which can be reached safely by taking a taxi from the hotel.

This is a beautiful city, located near the Pacific entrance of the Panama Canal. This perfect location at the crossroads of the world, this magical place has become one of the most important financial and banking centers (based on the currency of the US dollar) in the world.

Whether visitors prefer to contact the modernity of Panama can also find exciting places to achieve transport anyone in the history of this unique destination such as Panama La Vieja and Casco Viejo; there are also several places to enjoy nature related to those who enjoy being outdoors activities.

My little town

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This attractive place is located at the foot of Ancon Mountain Balboa. Mi Pueblito is a villa which makes replica of early architecture, construction and life of ancient Panama. Mi Pueblito is a place visited by thousands of tourists where you can find the perfect combination of ecology and history. The historical part of the site is divided into 3 sections: Colonial, Afro-Antillean and India. The section reflects the Spanish Colonial architecture used for centuries in our cities.

The Afro-Antillean section focuses on the culture and the challenge of ethnic black Panamanians who contributed to the work of the construction of the Panama Canal. India section shows the lifestyle of indigenous dating back centuries before the Spanish conquest.

Visitors Mi Pueblito, recede in time to the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, brought there not only for buildings but for the clothes, food and dances of the people who live and work in the place.The main square with a beautiful fountain in the center and is fully paved with river stones and natural slabs, being surrounded by the typical houses of these people. Besides the delicious culinary diversity will give you the satisfaction of being part of the Panamanian history.

Panama La Vieja

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Founded in 1519 by Governor Pedro Arias Dávila, was the first Spanish settlement on the Pacific coast, which later would become the place of arrival of many galleons from Peru laden with gold, silver and spectacular treasures on their way to Spain this fact resulted, that the City of Panama was at that time one of the richest and most magnificent cities of the New World, known as the "Pearl of the Pacific".

In 1671 the pirate Henry Morgan attacked, sacked and burned the city, leaving the ruins today can be appreciated: the convents of San Francisco and The Society of Jesus; the churches of La Merced and San Jose, the San Juan de Dios Hospital, the Royal Houses, the Slaughterhouse Bridge and Puente del Rey. In these locations, there are museums displaying pre-Hispanic and Hispanic objects, as well as a model city of the eighteenth century.

Administration Building of the Panama Canal

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It was inaugurated on July 15, 1914 and is located on top of a prominent hill overlooking the Canal, the city and the port of Balboa and parts of Panama City. The administrative building is used as the headquarters of the Panama Canal Authority (ACP) and administrative offices.

Its best feature are the beautiful and colorful murals that adorn the ceiling, these were painted by William B. Van Ingen and represent the four key scenes in the construction of the Canal: the Culebra Cut excavation, the construction of the spillway of the Gatun Dam the construction of the Miraflores locks and the construction of the lock gates.

Do not miss the opportunity to visit and understand the printed effort in building the Panama Canal.

Old Town

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Located on a small peninsula protruding in the southwest of the city, the Casco Viejo, is known as the "historic district", giving tourists the opportunity to enjoy a delicious mix of colonial architecture and refurbished luxurious homes. It was built by the Spaniards after the destruction of Panama City's first victim of the attack pirate Henry Morgan; was surrounded by walls whose purpose was to provide protection from pirate attacks, this building has been designated a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site.

You can see the remains of Spanish forts, which includes: The Vaults (a sea wall containing cells) as well as a number of colonial buildings like the Cathedral built in 1673; the Presidential Palace, the Golden Altar of the Church of San José (made of pure gold) and the National Theatre. These places were the scene of crucial moments in the birth of Panama to independent living.

Casco Viejo, is constantly being renovated to maintain the buildings and buildings in good condition. The tourist can enjoy walking among picturesque public squares and impressive cathedrals, or simply you can relax and enjoy a good cup of coffee, a glass of wine or delicate Panamanian cuisine at one of the many outdoor restaurants that are in this zone.

The Panama canal

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This spectacular building located 80 kilometers long between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, it was inaugurated on August 15, 1914 and completion took approximately 10 years and over 400 million US dollars. The Panama Canal works 24 hours a day, 365 days a year offering transit services for ships from all over the world.

The Canal uses a system of locks or compartments with entrance and exit. The locks function as water lifts: they raise ships from sea level (the Pacific or the Atlantic) to the level of Gatun Lake (26 meters above sea level); then ships sail the channel through the Continental Divide. It is considered one of the greatest marvels of engineering built in the world.Perhaps it is the attraction of Panama best known and popular, providing the visitor with a memorable and impressive experience.

Besides the view of the canal, you can enjoy various activities in the vicinity such as: the Administration Building of the Panama Canal, the Amador Causeway, the Recreation Center Lake Gamboa, Gatun Lake and Culebra Cut Center visitors Gatun Pipeline Road and the Panama Canal Railway.

International Banking Center of Panama

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International Banking Center of Panama (CBI) was formally created in 1970 by Decree No. 238. This is the most successful modern banking center in Latin America, transforming the country into one of the greatest landmarks of the financial business the world.

The use of the US dollar as the local currency, the existence of several foreign companies operating in the country, the protection and confidentiality given to customers and the enactment of special banking laws are some of the reasons why the CBI is considered a "paradise financial". More than 85 banks represented 35 different countries, such as: Citibank, HSBC, Dresdner, Bank of Boston, International Commercial Bank of China, Banque Sudameris and more.

If you are interested in developing business or visiting the largest financial center in Latin America, you can not miss the opportunity to see up close this dynamic place full of beautiful modern buildings. Access is easy, most banks are concentrated in the Calle 50 and Via Spain.


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Portobelo is one of the most beautiful and historic cities of Panama. It is located on the Caribbean coast in the province of Colon and is a midpoint between the Panama Canal and San Blas. It was discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1502, who is admired not only for its beauty and natural surroundings, but also for its magnificent harbor and perfect topographical conditions for the movement of gold, silver and other treasures originated in Peru and Mexico aimed at Spain.

Because of the wealth of the city, was attacked several times resulting in the construction of many forts and castles such as: San Felipe, Santiago de la Gloria, San Jeronimo, San Fernando, San Cristobal and many more that can be seen in their visit to this special place that will transport you to a completely different era.

No one of the oldest traditions of Portobelo perish: "The dance of the Congos", brought to America from Africa by slaves in colonial times.

You can access this lovely place, from the City of Panama traveling for an hour and a half by car on the Trans-Isthmian Highway.If you are willing to spend a little more there are also flights of 20 minutes duration from Panama City (Marcos Gelabert Airport) to Colón (France Field Airport) followed by a short 40-minute journey away by car.

Enjoy this experience that will give an idea of ​​the importance of Panama since colonial times.

Colon Free Zone

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Located in the Colon Province, the Colon Free Zone located at the Atlantic entrance to the Panama Canal has access to a variety of sea lanes and therefore a high frequency of transport, making it a prime location for international trade as well as a large distribution center where several products are imported from various parts of the world and re-exported to Latin America and the Caribbean.

Currently more than 1,600 companies use the facilities of the Colon Free Zone for importing, storing, assembling, re-packaged and re-exported various products such as electronics, chemicals, beverages, snuff, furniture, clothing, footwear, jewelry, etc . This point is the trade window to the mainland. In addition, one of the most interesting things tourists can do, is to buy tax free when presenting their passports with the ease of the circulating currency is the US dollar.

If you love shopping this is the place; and if it does not find a new pleasure in them thanks to the great variety of products, special offers and incredible treatment to which you have access. Do not forget to bring your passport to enjoy all the benefits of being a foreign visitor in the Colon Free Zone.

Miraflores Visitor Center

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It is located on the east side of the Miraflores Locks and its main objective is to provide information and knowledge on the Canal to all visitors, and provide the necessary facilities to those who are enjoying the comforts Canal. Miraflores Visitor Center allows visitors to observe transiting vessels from a short distance just meters also instructs tourists about interesting information, history, importance and operations carried out in the Channel.

Once you arrive at the center, we have available a fully equipped theater, three observation decks, two snacks a restaurant with panoramic views, a gift shop and a hall for special events. Most of these areas are available to be rented.

The heart of the Miraflores Visitor Center consists of four exhibition halls including historical pieces, interactive modules, video presentations, models of the Panama Canal and used in Canal operations objects. These rooms are the Historical Hall, the Hall of Water, The Canal in Action and The Canal in the World.

Amador Causeway

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Arriving at the southern entrance of the Panama Canal you can find the Causeway; a picturesque road that shows a magnificent view of the Canal and Panama City. Here the visitor will be delighted with great restaurants, charming hotels, shopping, a harbor and a fabulous spa. This place is perfect for people who enjoy hiking, jogging, biking, skating, etc.

The Marine Exhibition Center Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute (STRI) is located in this street too, giving visitors the opportunity to interact with exotic Caribbean and the Pacific while learning about marine and coastal environments. Finally you can dive into the Pacific Ocean or just relax with the fabulous views.

Gatun Lake and Gaillard Cut

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Gatun Lake is one of the largest bodies of water in the world manmade covering 163 square miles; here you can enjoy various activities and locations such as: the Gatun Lake Recreational Center, located near the Atlantic entrance of the Canal which is where cruise passengers disembark.

Also in Hall Visitor Gatun Locks Several cruise passengers and tourists disembark to start their walk through the Canal, allowing the deck of the lodge watching full view vessels are undergoing the lockage. Finally you can see the Gaillard Cut (8-mile channel built through solid rock) is the narrowest section of the Canal and the hardest part of the excavation of the same. Do not miss the opportunity to fish in this lovely place.

Pipeline Road and Soberania National Park

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Located in the Soberania National Park, near the town of Gamboa along the banks of the Canal, you will find Pipeline Road and enjoy the diversity of plants, mammals, insects, reptiles, birds and many other animals that inhabit in this area. This special place where tourists can see up to 500 species of birds in a single day has been recognized many times at international level because of the abundant wildlife parks, why it is considered protected area.

These excellent conditions exist because in the park can be found secondary forest, virgin forests, streams and swamps.

Only 40 minutes away from Panama City, you will have the opportunity to see momotos, toucans, trogones, flycatchers, woodpeckers, hawks tangaritasy. Among the rare species of birds in the park can be mentioned: yellow ear toucans, carpenters red chest, sirystes and harpy eagles. Mammals in the park include: white-faced capuchin monkeys, sloths, howler monkeys, marmosets Geoffroy, two-toed sloths, three fingers, anteaters, coatis and agoutis.Green iguanas can also be found in the park.

Depending on the taste of tourists a variety of activities are offered such as: fishing, ecological studies, bird watching and hiking through the various paths of the park. Also for those who enjoy adventure in the heart of the park Canopy Tower is the perfect activity, giving visitors a unique aerial view of the forests of central Panama.

Camino Cruces National Park

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With over 4,550 acres of rainforest, this magnificent park has great cultural and historical value because in colonial times the route was used by the Spanish to transport gold from Peru, Baja California and Chile from Panama City to Portobelo and finally to Europe.

Only 15 kilometers from Panama City, the tourist can find several species in this ecological center located between the Soberania National Park and the Metropolitan Natural Park; this location allows continuous movement of animals such as the crested eagles, red and green macaws, sorocúas gray tail, marmosets, jujanás alone cats, agoutis, armadillos, green iguanas, sloths three finger and many more.

Enjoy this spectacular jungle place that combines eco-friendly fun and history of Panama.

Parque Natural Metropolitano

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Only 20 minutes away from the center of Panama City you can enjoy 265 acres of nature. In this incredible rainforest various birds, animals and plants coexist. The location of this park within city limits makes this book one of the points more comfortable watching birds on the planet. This is the home of yellow and green flytrap, plover monkeys, tropical birds real, striped flycatchers, woodpeckers, toucans, aracaris and many more.

The main objective of the park is to preserve a natural area within the city to help maintain the balance between the environment of the park and the urban area, thus preventing pollution leading to a healthy environment.

You can choose from several viewpoints such as: Los Trinos, Cerro Cedro and others; or you can walk through the various paths such as: The Momotides, Caobos, Oak, Mono Titi o Cienaguita, each of which contains a unique quality.

Canopy (Canopy Crane)

Long live the most spectacular experience in the Metropolitan Park which gives the opportunity to meet the highest part of the tropical forest canopy using the crane used by the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute. Climb high above the ground and get a new perspective of the dense rainforest to experience the extraordinary diversity of this park.

There are currently 12 similar canopy cranes in the world are used for scientific purposes, two of which are in Panama. You can access these cranes through a guided tour the Metropolitan Natural Park; This is a unique experience that can not be missed.Since 1990 this canopy plays an important role in scientific research because most insects that live in the treetops of the rainforest have not yet been described by science.

The canopy is a crane 42 meters from something that has been installed in the middle of the rainforest and has been modified to meet the needs of researchers, scientists and nature enthusiasts. It is an ideal place for bird watching and is also excellent to see monkeys, raccoons, sloths and exotic plants.